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#1What is the best memory you'll take back to Scotland?

"I will probably say that my best memory from Notts County to take back with me will probably be the night at Anfield. It was probably the biggest game that I have played in this season, it was great experience obviously to go play in a stadium like that and obviously to play so well in the game, the team was excellent that as well – that overall is probably the best memory I have".

#2Is your experience at Notts County useful for your development?

"Yeah, I think it's been massively useful. Obviously to come out and play first team games every week and to go on to take the challenge, er against a physical side and to step up and to go on to be like a leader on the pitch and score so many goals - It's been massive for my development and in terms of the gym stuff, it's been excellent".

#3In January you've signed an extension to your contract with the Magpies. Why? There was so many teams that wanted to sign you?

"I think the reason why I chose Notts in January to extend the deal was because I was playing regularly, I was enjoying it and doing well. So, I didn't see any reason why to change it and obviously I went back to Celtic for a few days – they seen fit that I would stay out and get more games. So, I think that was probably one of the most valid reasons".

#4Talking personally, is this a good season for you?

"Yeah, I think it's been a good season, overall. Obviously I recently have not played just as much football but I think the first part of the season was excellent. I had a lot of good achievements, obviously getting the u21's début for Scotland and recently scoring my first goal. It's been a good year, I want to kick on and do the same again next year".

#5Do you have any nicknames?

"Well, no not really. Only Cal for obviously reason but I haven't ever really had any other nicknames like that".

#6The Italian fans nicknamed you McGregoal, you can imagine why...

"I think it's original, it's a good nickname. It's good to be noticed, as well, obviously it's not all about individual accolades or whatever but it's nice to get the credit when you're doing well".

"Hi Italian Magpies, It's been good doing an interview for you. Looking forward to seeing you all at our game against Port Vale".

Many thanks to Callum McGregor, Andy Black, Dane Vincent and Notts County Football Club.

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