mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

The Heysel monument should not be torn down. Please, sign the petition to not forget!


This is the letter that will be sent to Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Community, Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus FC and Freddy Thielemans, Mayor of the City of Brussels.

"We have learned from press reports that the policy of the City of Brussels is oriented towards the demolition, in the near future, of the King Baudouin Stadium, previously known as 'Heysel Stadium', and the desire of the building a new one as part of the plan for the candidature of Belgium for the role of organizer of the UEFA European Football Championship in 2020.

We are very and deeply concerned that the demolition and new building project could mean the demolition of the locations and memorials  consecrated to the memory of the 39 European citizens, mostly Italians and Juventus Football Club supporters, who shed their innocent blood in an absurd, unconceivable martyr, only remembered by the sundial clock and the memorial plaques.
That tragedy, however, does not just remain impressed into the repertory documents: it lives in our feelings and souls.

On behalf of the many Juventus fans, we have the honor of represent, we wish to ask you, as Mayor of Capital of the EU, the promise and commitment to ensure that, during and after the work to be done, the spaces consecrated to the memory of our lost loved ones will be preserved and eventually worthily relocated.

For this petition, we hope in the moral support and in the mediation with the Belgian authorities and with the responsible members of parliament of the Honorable Antonio Tajani, who in 2005 committed himself to the realization of the sundial-monument.

This monument should not be torn down. We ask not to turn off those lights! It would be a new insult to the memory of our 39 angels and to the still alive sufferance of their families.

We are sure that you will show the usual helpfulness and sensitivity, and we wait with confidence  for the confirmation that our plea will be listened to.

With esteem,

Andrea Lorentini ( journalist and son of Roberto Lorentini, Heysel victim) 
Carla Gonnelli (daughter of Giancarlo Gonnelli, Heysel victim) 
Domenico Laudadio (creator and keeper of
Annamaria Licata (Speaker and member of “Comitato Per non dimenticare Heysel”, (Not to forget Heysel committee) Reggio Emilia) 
Beppe Franzo - "Via Filadelfia 88" - Network web ( )  
Nicola de Bonis - speaker radio 
RadioJuveweb - webradio"