giovedì 23 agosto 2012

A talk with the Italian Magpies

Eleven months have passed and the passion had time to grow. It was September when Notts County and Juve met once again after 1903. During last season the fans got together several times in Turin and in Nottingham. We set up the Italian Magpies Supporters Club, the first one in Italy, and planned a wonderful trip for the last game against Colchester. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we really want to thank the Club and all the supporters for the very warm welcome. We loved to meet Aileen Trew, go onto the pitch and hear the fabolous chorus “It’s just like watching Juve”. Great match, great city and great people. It was like being at home, because you are like brothers to us. The mission of Italian Magpies is to consolidate our friendship and plan a lot of trips. We’ll wait to meet you in Turin or in Nottingham: the place doesn’t matter because where there’s black and white it’s our and your home! 

Italian Magpies is an unique project that tries to bridge the distance and the different cultures for the passion of real football. 

In every true black and white heart there’s the desire to make our friendship grow, so we’re happy that the Directors were invited to the opening of the Juventus Museum and we were delighted to hear Agelli’ speech at 150 party. 
It’s unbelieveble that you made the third shirt pink to celebrate the bond with Juve, such an honour! 

As the flag we gave you in May says: “Per sempre amici”, forever friends!! 

Have a good season! 
Onwards and Upwards

We want to say thank you to the Notts County FC Media Team.